About Quark

Connect with #hashtags:
Simplify your business procurement process
Use hashtags to search, share and upload
Quark is a B2B search engine that links businesses via hashtags on hundreds of websites.
Suppliers can also list products/services directly on Quark.
With Quark, hashtags serve as a marketing tool within any supply chain.
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Why Quark is great for buyers

˗ We match you with suppliers who serve your business needs exactly.
˗ Thousands of suppliers are on the Quark network, from raw materials to retailers.
˗ Connect to your suppliers and trace your product supply chain back to its origins.
˗ With Quark, you can monitor your entire supply chain and make decisions with more clarity than ever before.

Why Quark is great for suppliers

˗ Upload your own product/service details.
˗ Hashtags can show you your products’ impact compared to industry baselines.
˗ Suppliers can build even stronger relationships with their customers.
˗ Sales reps and customers can rapidly place orders on any device, anywhere, anytime.
Quark simplifies all aspects of a sustainability program and provides companies with a competitive edge. Our mission is to connect the global supply chain and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices.